A new figurine of League of Legends, this time I tried to make Vi. It wasn't on my plans, I wanted to build prestigious Leblanc, but someone asked me a command and I had to build Vi. It was a real challenge to build the gloves, the armor and these kind of things because I'm not used to do this ( I guess that I really prefer to build big boobs and princess dress... >< ) and there's a lot of mistakes compared to the original design, but I'm kinda happy of the way she turned out. She's probably the most difficult figurine I have made since I began to create things in polymer clay because there's a lot of details, but I enjoyed to work on her. :)

By the way, I'm sorry if we can't really see her face, but it was hard to take a good picture of her... So it's too much brighter and it's far away to be a perfect photography.