I wanted to build a duo of characters, so there they are.

I'm pretty happy of the way I painted the eyes of Annie because I'm not used to paint so tiny details, but I have to recognize that since I have acrylic paint it's much more easier to do things like that. There's some mistakes on the proportions in my opinion, I guess that the legs could have be kinda taller or at least the arms shorter.

I regret that Annie doesn't really looks like Annie, I mean, her face looks more like an adolescent face than a children face, but anyway, I'm pretty happy of the result. About Amumu I havent got a lot of things to say... His body was less funny to create than Annie's body ( not enough colors to use :( ) and I had some problems when I made his jacket ( and I even don't get why ).

Well, whatever, I hope you'll enjoy. :)