24 juillet 2013

Prom Queen Annie and almost-prom King Amumu.

I wanted to build a duo of characters, so there they are. I'm pretty happy of the way I painted the eyes of Annie because I'm not used to paint so tiny details, but I have to recognize that since I have acrylic paint it's much more easier to do things like that. There's some mistakes on the proportions in my opinion, I guess that the legs could have be kinda taller or at least the arms shorter. I regret that Annie doesn't really looks like Annie, I mean, her face looks more like an adolescent face than a children face, but anyway,... [Lire la suite]
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18 juillet 2013


A new figurine of League of Legends, this time I tried to make Vi. It wasn't on my plans, I wanted to build prestigious Leblanc, but someone asked me a command and I had to build Vi. It was a real challenge to build the gloves, the armor and these kind of things because I'm not used to do this ( I guess that I really prefer to build big boobs and princess dress... >< ) and there's a lot of mistakes compared to the original design, but I'm kinda happy of the way she turned out. She's probably the most difficult figurine I have... [Lire la suite]
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11 juillet 2013


Sewn chaos Orianna. It took soooo many time to stick all the threads, then I hurt my hands when I created the orb ( it's so much funnier like that ! ), I broke one of her leg after the baking... So it was kinda long to build her but I'm pretty happy of the result. :)  
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05 juillet 2013


An other champion of League of Legends, she's probably my favourite support. It was really fun to build her. I hesitate to stick her on a box or on a " bed of leafs and flowers " that I'll create. We'll see. I used polymer clay for the figurine, then I colored the arms, the legs and the leafs with green, gray and pink chalks. I painted the face and it's always the most difficult part in figurine's creation, but I try to improve myself day after day. Hope you'll enjoy :)  
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02 juillet 2013

Don't you know about the bird ? Everybody knows that the bird is the word !

Bird's pendants in polymer clay. And... you should check that. :)
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