I love this champion but unfortunatly I'm awfully bad with her ( like with a lot of mid champion, I'm like " let's try something crazy, I've got some acceptable domages, even if I die it gonna be worth !!! " and of course, except give more kills to the ennemies, it's not worth at all. ) so I decided to build her instead. The choice of the skin was kinda difficult though, but I really like this one.

I had some difficulty to build the hands and the parts of armor ( that's kinda stupid that she wears some part of an armor by the way, it doesn't change the fact that she's weak as hell, but well, whatever, I guess it's classy. ) I'd have love to be able to detail more the armor things but I'm really not good with a brush at the moment, as you can notice once again with the flaws on her face ( I think that I improve a little bit, but that's still not the result that I want ).

I'll probably put her on a socle as soon as possible, which could be pretty cool since I bought flocking.

So, I'm pretty disappointed about the lack of details, I hope that I'll learn to do better soon, otherwise I'm kinda happy about how she turned out... at least I had fun. :)