30 août 2013

Dynasty Ahri

I didn't want to build this champion because I hate her, except when she is played botlane. I expected when she came out to play her as a support, but unfortunatly it wasn't really the best role for her, so I was kinda disapointed.. But one week ago it was the birthday of a friend who loves this champion, so I decided to sculpt her for him with the skin he prefers. Fortunatly she was really cool to make, even if it was kinda long to scratch the clay on the 9 tails to get a "fur" effect... and I finally use the flocking I have on the... [Lire la suite]
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24 août 2013

Mythic Cassiopeia

I love this champion but unfortunatly I'm awfully bad with her ( like with a lot of mid champion, I'm like " let's try something crazy, I've got some acceptable domages, even if I die it gonna be worth !!! " and of course, except give more kills to the ennemies, it's not worth at all. ) so I decided to build her instead. The choice of the skin was kinda difficult though, but I really like this one. I had some difficulty to build the hands and the parts of armor ( that's kinda stupid that she wears some part of an armor by the way, it... [Lire la suite]
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22 août 2013

Little boxes made of ticky tacky...

I made this figurine one month ago and I decided to stick her on a box that I customized. Cause yeah, I bought like 70 boxes one year ago and I didn't do a lot with... So here we are, a box with an...  asleep little girl ? Well I guess, it looks more as a girl than as a dinosaur. At least, I hope.  
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05 août 2013

Blackthorn Morgana

I had a long hesitation about the next champion I wanted to build, but I finally decided to work on Morgana when I saw this awesome cosplay . It took so much time to build the leaves of the wings, I thought that I would never finish. I used a print of ivy to get the rib of the leaf, then I used chalk to color them. The leaves hold thanks to nylon thread and there's iron thread inside the wings to stick them to the body. Hope you'll enjoy ! :)    
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01 août 2013

Hi there ! Let's check these awesome links !

Few months ago I discovered a blog with a pretty figurine of Lux from LoL. I left a message to comment it and then I met Millou, a creator of jewelrys, figurines and a lot of accessories. She gave me a lot of advices to improve with polymer clay, but the most important thing is that I met a friend and a LoL player. :) So let's check what she builds ! http://universfimo.canalblog.com/ http://www.univers-fimo.com   And there is her gorgeous figurine of Nami :)
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