24 octobre 2013

Harbinger Kassadin

I don't like LoL's champion who are able to jump everywhere every seconds. I hate them even more when they've got an ugly freaky face and when they come from the void. I'm not saying that all the champions of this game must be colored in sparkling pink and wearing flowers crown ( even if it would be fucking awesome for sure ), but god, why is he so scary ? Anyway, it was a comission and I can't deny that I enjoyed a lot to build this creepy thing. I worked with liquid polymer to get an almost translucent blade but since the weather... [Lire la suite]
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15 octobre 2013

Come on, will you dance my darling ?

I decided to work on the movement since I thought the Syndra I made was too straight. So I decided to sculpt Twisted Fate and Evelynn with their Tango skin, dancing like in the artwork. But damn it was so fucking hard ! I spent so many hours to think about how to fix them on the socle, how to join their arm etc... I was kinda scared about how Twisted Fate turned out at the begining because he was more looking like Jesus than the character of League of Legends. Finally, I solved all those problems and I'm finally done with this figure.... [Lire la suite]
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