Since I've started Batman Arkham Asylum I knew that I wanted to sculpt her because her outfit is soooo cool ! I had some problem with the wire structure when I built her and I was completly mad during the time I tried to solve this problem but when I finally fixed it I was so happy, I really enjoyed to make this project. I thought that it would have turned out worst but I have to admit that I'm pretty glad of the result. I spent a lot of time on her and the painting part was much longer than what I thought... but I'm almost sad that she's done now since it was so entertaining to build her ^^.

I guess that I could have done better for her shoes, there's obviously a lack of details but I had some difficulty with her legs. At the begining they were too tiny and I had to baked Harley twice to get a convenient result so if I had add more details we probably could have seen the connection between the two parts of clay that I used for the legs... So I decided to simplify it.

I hope that you'll enjoy :)