A guy made an amazing concept of skin for the character Orianna from League of Legends : http://senryuji.deviantart.com/art/Arcade-Orianna-concept-424607829

I was like so excited at the idea to sculpt something like that. As soon as he has given me the permission to sculpt her I've started to work on her. At the beginning I wanted to make the arms mobile but it was kinda hard to find a way to build the joints and I've never tried to build a BJD before so after few attempts I decided to give up. I think that I need an other kind of clay to work on something like that anyway.

It was really painful to take a good picture of her since there's some details under her skirt and on her ball ( Oh well... ). The light was also pretty bad. Anyway, I had a lot of fun building her.

Thanks a lot to SenRyuji for his amazing art, he saved me from my lack of inspiration :)