If there's one champion of League of Legends that I hate, it's definitely Thresh. I swear that if one day I have the opportunity to work for Riot, I would delete him from the game. However, this character has a pretty cool artstyle and he was entertaining to sculpt. I had to struggle quite a lot, baking him became a performance after a while since he kept falling over again and again in the oven despite the inside aluminium and wire structure. I finally fixed that, but then came the challenge of making his chains. I couldn't describe how annoying it was to link together all these tiny pieces of clay and to make it stable... 

I'm rather happy of how he turned out, unfortunatly I wasn't able to take any good pictures ( also he is quite hard to photograph, I cannot decide which angle suits him the best ) and since this sculpture was an order, it's already in the hands of his proprietary. But oh well, you still can have an idea of how he looks like. :)