22 mai 2015

Mosaic and spring color palette.

Hi there ! I've decided to participate for the firt time to the challenge " palette de couleur " from the forum Polymairderien, the colors to use were the following :       My contribution was a bracelet. I used a mosaic technic from this tutorial and used the help of Joe Patouille's tuto for the shape of the bracelet.    
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21 mai 2015

Necklace and headband.

Once again, worked with the flower cane...   ...And made a necklace...         ...And a little creature in between duck and... whatever else, whom rests on a headband.
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20 mai 2015

Leftovers became Stroppel.

I start to have some leftovers of this flower cane so I've started to make some earrings out of it... By using the technic of the Stroppel cane. :)     These earrings were quite hard to take in picture, but hopefuly you get the concept.       And more blue and Stroppel cane here :
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20 mai 2015


So I have -soon enough I'll say had- this flower cane to use. There we go, get ready for a bunch of photo :   I decided to use the flower cane for both side of these earrings, and since it wasn't enough to my taste, I decided to add some texture of lace and some glass beads here and there... so I basically made 4 different patterns for one pair of earring.       A bit more of assymmetry with these ones :       Played again with glass beads...       ... [Lire la suite]
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18 mai 2015

Flowers in the dirt.

I made a cane two months ago or so that I didn't really use... That's my biggest problem with canes, I enjoy to make them but then I'm like " Huuuuh, I dunno what to do with it ". I've finaly found some inspiration and made some stuff with it... Didn't take pictures of all the jewelrys made out of this cane at the moment though, but it will arrive sooner or later.       I also made some earings, still in the theme of flowers. I was unhappy with the colors at the end though so I've decided to paint them partially... [Lire la suite]
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18 mai 2015

Deep terror Thresh.

If there's one champion of League of Legends that I hate, it's definitely Thresh. I swear that if one day I have the opportunity to work for Riot, I would delete him from the game. However, this character has a pretty cool artstyle and he was entertaining to sculpt. I had to struggle quite a lot, baking him became a performance after a while since he kept falling over again and again in the oven despite the inside aluminium and wire structure. I finally fixed that, but then came the challenge of making his chains. I couldn't describe... [Lire la suite]
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