21 juillet 2015

High School Poem.

Some of the things I made lately.   This one is really simple but was actually a real struggle. First, I spent an incredible amount of time to sand and polish the white and black beads. The colored ones are a mix of translucent clay + liquid clay and ink, except the yellow one which was covered with glass painting. Then, the real struggle began when I started to assembly the beads. There was two others black and white beads at the begining and I wanted to give to this necklace a V shape. But after 1 hour or so, I figured out... [Lire la suite]
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21 juillet 2015

Lily, episode III.

Hello ! I made a new Lily necklace. The shape is not the same than the last ones since I forgot the template I drew in France. The theme of this one is completly inspired by this drawing of a talented artist. You definatly should have a look at his work. It's made mainly out of clay, I used a bit of chalk to color here and there and some painting for the fireflies and Lily.          
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12 juillet 2015

Hands across the water, heads across the sky.

Fish and feathers, imitations achieved with eventually success, you're the one who decides. The book of Hélène JeanClaude was quite helpful.   I tried to imitate ivory or bones... And it looks in my opinion, like wood. But oh well, I do like it. :)       It took me forever to build this one. A cat playing around and beeing obsessed by feathers didn't help for sure... Also, I found these feathers during my walks, no animals were harmed.     And finally, a necklace that I really enjoyed to... [Lire la suite]
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12 juillet 2015

That's the time I love the best.

This is the summer color palet of the forum Polymairderien.   I tried it on two creations. My colors aren't completly accurate, I'd say that my purple is too cold compared to the one of the picture.  
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07 juillet 2015

Embrace the lace Willy !

This necklace was my participation to a contest I didn't win. Whatever, I still love this mandarin duck :)
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07 juillet 2015

...Have a drink, have a drive, go out and see what you can find !

  So it's summertime and meanwhile it's apparently hot as fuck in France, in Sweden it's finally started to rain :D ! Oh joy ! Oh hapiness ! It feels so good to finally see some clouds. Anyway, here are some pictures of stuff I made during the last months that I didn't published so far.     Just play with shapes and volumes here.         Tried to play with chalk, following this tutorial. It didn't turn out the same, but I still enjoy the effect, I think it kinda looks like a galaxy. ... [Lire la suite]
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07 juillet 2015

Lily II

New adventures of Lily. I prefered the first one cause of the colors, but I'm still pretty pleased with this one. :)      
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