27 août 2015

Purple fish.

Crackling golden leaf is quite fun, so I did it again.
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22 août 2015


Since the begining of 2015 I realised how wrong it was to eat animals. I became a vegetarian. Two months later I understood how wrong it was to exploit animals, so I became vegan. I designed this collection to promote animal rights. I'm using FIMO clay that doesn't contain any animal components so the jewelrys are also vegan.
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22 août 2015

Shake it !

I wanted something natural looking, without symmetry, where the beads would dance around the neck. I ended up with that, a mix of wooden beads and polymer clay beads. About the feather, I found it during one of my walk through Stockholm, then I painted it in yellow. It's a vegan necklace, no birds were harmed.       SHOP
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22 août 2015

Crackle and pastel.

Played a bit with alcohol ink and golden leaf...                   SHOP
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06 août 2015

Flowers, chapter 237.

Once again, I made flowers. And I'm not done with that, just made a new petal cane, so it won't stop soon. :)   One necklace...     An other necklace...     And a headband.   BWAYAYAYAGAYABAYABOOOOH !     Cya :) !
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02 août 2015

Lace, necklace.

Huh, the title. Anyway, I finally received white and black clay from France so I was able to work again. Pastel , texture and painting.  
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