20 mai 2015

Leftovers became Stroppel.

I start to have some leftovers of this flower cane so I've started to make some earrings out of it... By using the technic of the Stroppel cane. :)     These earrings were quite hard to take in picture, but hopefuly you get the concept.       And more blue and Stroppel cane here :
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20 mai 2015


So I have -soon enough I'll say had- this flower cane to use. There we go, get ready for a bunch of photo :   I decided to use the flower cane for both side of these earrings, and since it wasn't enough to my taste, I decided to add some texture of lace and some glass beads here and there... so I basically made 4 different patterns for one pair of earring.       A bit more of assymmetry with these ones :       Played again with glass beads...       ... [Lire la suite]
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13 mai 2014

Triangles and kaleisdoscope.

I made a kaleidoscope cane and then thought that triangles beads would suit pretty well with, so I made a necklace out of them and a bracelet ( which is by the way the first bracelet that I ever made since I work with polymer clay ! )        
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13 mai 2014


I recently bought a lot of doily and so I'm having fun with. I made few canes of pansies petals that I enjoy work with. Made a hair clip with these ones and gonna post soon the different ways I used these flowers.  
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08 avril 2014

Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair.

New attempt of a hair clip. Gonna be a gift. I'm having fun building this :)  
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08 avril 2014

Shrimps gonna gobble up your soul.

I said it earlier, I do love shrimps.       The albinos one.       And the other one. I definatly know that my ears are far to be the best model to show earrings but oh well, that's probably a better way to figure out the jewelry ^^
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03 avril 2014

" Dans leurs chambres blindées, leurs fleurs sont carnivores "

Flowers are fun and cool but for god sake, it's so long to build. Anyway, I definatly enjoyed to play with glass painting on the dahlias, I really like the bright touch that it gives to polymer clay.           Few weeks ago I tried to make something that I would call " organic " but well... Didn't turned out exactly the way I expected. Was pretty entertaining to make though. The turquoise part on the pendant are pieces of malachite. Let's say that I'm pretty happy for a first " organic " attempt but I... [Lire la suite]
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28 mars 2014

Shrimp and other stuff.

I made a bunch of new jewelrys and I'm becoming a fangirl of shrimps, so there is the result of my fist attempt :       Here is an other jewelry I built a long time ago, I'll probably try to make a similar one soon but with brighter colors :       Something with a peacock feather and a fail imitation of Lapis Lazuli ( which didn't turn out that bad in my opinion, it just doesn't look like Lapis Lazuli at all ^^ ) :       And finally some earings and a ring that I made... [Lire la suite]
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25 novembre 2013

Hazy shade of winter.

Longtime I didn't post any pictures of jewelrys there, obviously because I'm not that fan of building them. Anyway, I had few ideas about funny things to create so there they are ( I'm like too lazy to make a single post for each one of them so I'm just gonna group all of the pictures there ).   So there is a collection of necklaces with sculpted animals. At the moment I only made a peacock, a fish and a seahorse. If you have any idea about which animals I could build, feel free to tell it to me.     Then, I... [Lire la suite]
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02 juillet 2013

Don't you know about the bird ? Everybody knows that the bird is the word !

Bird's pendants in polymer clay. And... you should check that. :)
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