20 mai 2015


So I have -soon enough I'll say had- this flower cane to use. There we go, get ready for a bunch of photo :   I decided to use the flower cane for both side of these earrings, and since it wasn't enough to my taste, I decided to add some texture of lace and some glass beads here and there... so I basically made 4 different patterns for one pair of earring.       A bit more of assymmetry with these ones :       Played again with glass beads...       ... [Lire la suite]
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18 mai 2015

Flowers in the dirt.

I made a cane two months ago or so that I didn't really use... That's my biggest problem with canes, I enjoy to make them but then I'm like " Huuuuh, I dunno what to do with it ". I've finaly found some inspiration and made some stuff with it... Didn't take pictures of all the jewelrys made out of this cane at the moment though, but it will arrive sooner or later.       I also made some earings, still in the theme of flowers. I was unhappy with the colors at the end though so I've decided to paint them partially... [Lire la suite]
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18 mai 2015

Deep terror Thresh.

If there's one champion of League of Legends that I hate, it's definitely Thresh. I swear that if one day I have the opportunity to work for Riot, I would delete him from the game. However, this character has a pretty cool artstyle and he was entertaining to sculpt. I had to struggle quite a lot, baking him became a performance after a while since he kept falling over again and again in the oven despite the inside aluminium and wire structure. I finally fixed that, but then came the challenge of making his chains. I couldn't describe... [Lire la suite]
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29 décembre 2014

Silent night Sona.

Long time since the last sculpture I've made... But I'd say that I've improved. Could be way better, especially on some details like the hands, but I'm overall happy, especially when I compare her with the first Sona I've made ( here ). ^^ Merry christmas !    
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05 novembre 2014


I needed to change my mind a bit from polymer so I decided to work with some plastic insects instead. I painted them and then added some lace, artificial flowers and feathers. So here is a new collection of hairclip :                                  
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07 septembre 2014

Say do you remember, dancing in september, never was a cloudy day.

Hey ! Quite a long time that I didn't post anything but it's never too late, so there we go :     For some reasons I really wanted to make a squirrel cane. I'm always struggling with cane, either because I'm lacking of idea either because I'm afraid about how the cane gonna look once I start to tight it. Fortunatly it turned out pretty well in my opinion, much better than what I expected. I mixed these squirrels with what is called a Stroppel cane, an easy and really cool way to use the old canes. If you don't know... [Lire la suite]
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16 mai 2014

Hair clip

I definatly have a lot of fun creating hair clip so there's a bunch of the new ones that I made. They are in sale in my etsy shop :) : https://www.etsy.com/shop/Phaneres  
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13 mai 2014

Triangles and kaleisdoscope.

I made a kaleidoscope cane and then thought that triangles beads would suit pretty well with, so I made a necklace out of them and a bracelet ( which is by the way the first bracelet that I ever made since I work with polymer clay ! )        
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13 mai 2014


I recently bought a lot of doily and so I'm having fun with. I made few canes of pansies petals that I enjoy work with. Made a hair clip with these ones and gonna post soon the different ways I used these flowers.  
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08 avril 2014

Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair.

New attempt of a hair clip. Gonna be a gift. I'm having fun building this :)  
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