22 août 2013

Little boxes made of ticky tacky...

I made this figurine one month ago and I decided to stick her on a box that I customized. Cause yeah, I bought like 70 boxes one year ago and I didn't do a lot with... So here we are, a box with an...  asleep little girl ? Well I guess, it looks more as a girl than as a dinosaur. At least, I hope.  
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05 août 2013

Blackthorn Morgana

I had a long hesitation about the next champion I wanted to build, but I finally decided to work on Morgana when I saw this awesome cosplay . It took so much time to build the leaves of the wings, I thought that I would never finish. I used a print of ivy to get the rib of the leaf, then I used chalk to color them. The leaves hold thanks to nylon thread and there's iron thread inside the wings to stick them to the body. Hope you'll enjoy ! :)    
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01 août 2013

Hi there ! Let's check these awesome links !

Few months ago I discovered a blog with a pretty figurine of Lux from LoL. I left a message to comment it and then I met Millou, a creator of jewelrys, figurines and a lot of accessories. She gave me a lot of advices to improve with polymer clay, but the most important thing is that I met a friend and a LoL player. :) So let's check what she builds ! http://universfimo.canalblog.com/ http://www.univers-fimo.com   And there is her gorgeous figurine of Nami :)
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24 juillet 2013

Prom Queen Annie and almost-prom King Amumu.

I wanted to build a duo of characters, so there they are. I'm pretty happy of the way I painted the eyes of Annie because I'm not used to paint so tiny details, but I have to recognize that since I have acrylic paint it's much more easier to do things like that. There's some mistakes on the proportions in my opinion, I guess that the legs could have be kinda taller or at least the arms shorter. I regret that Annie doesn't really looks like Annie, I mean, her face looks more like an adolescent face than a children face, but anyway,... [Lire la suite]
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18 juillet 2013


A new figurine of League of Legends, this time I tried to make Vi. It wasn't on my plans, I wanted to build prestigious Leblanc, but someone asked me a command and I had to build Vi. It was a real challenge to build the gloves, the armor and these kind of things because I'm not used to do this ( I guess that I really prefer to build big boobs and princess dress... >< ) and there's a lot of mistakes compared to the original design, but I'm kinda happy of the way she turned out. She's probably the most difficult figurine I have... [Lire la suite]
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11 juillet 2013


Sewn chaos Orianna. It took soooo many time to stick all the threads, then I hurt my hands when I created the orb ( it's so much funnier like that ! ), I broke one of her leg after the baking... So it was kinda long to build her but I'm pretty happy of the result. :)  
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05 juillet 2013


An other champion of League of Legends, she's probably my favourite support. It was really fun to build her. I hesitate to stick her on a box or on a " bed of leafs and flowers " that I'll create. We'll see. I used polymer clay for the figurine, then I colored the arms, the legs and the leafs with green, gray and pink chalks. I painted the face and it's always the most difficult part in figurine's creation, but I try to improve myself day after day. Hope you'll enjoy :)  
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02 juillet 2013

Don't you know about the bird ? Everybody knows that the bird is the word !

Bird's pendants in polymer clay. And... you should check that. :)
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26 juin 2013

Where have all the flowers gone ?

I was inspired by the fabric of one of my dress to create these canes of flowers. Then I decided to use them to build some necklace and earring. ... Je me suis inspiré du tissu d'une de mes robes pour créer ces canes de fleurs. Alors j'ai décidé de les utiliser pour en faire quelques colliers et quelques boucles d'oreilles.       
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12 juin 2013

That tasted purple !

I created the same figurine few months ago and I'm proud to notice that I improve my work :) It took three hours to build an acceptable face but I'm pretty happy of this one. It could probably be better, but I'll work on it for the next figurines I'll make. Her name is Lulu, an other champion of League of Legends.   ...   J'ai fabriqué cette même figurine il y a quelques mois et je suis heureuse de constater que mon travail s'améliore. :) Il m'a fallu trois heures pour créeer un visage acceptable, mais je suis plutôt... [Lire la suite]
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