I decided to work on the movement since I thought the Syndra I made was too straight. So I decided to sculpt Twisted Fate and Evelynn with their Tango skin, dancing like in the artwork. But damn it was so fucking hard ! I spent so many hours to think about how to fix them on the socle, how to join their arm etc... I was kinda scared about how Twisted Fate turned out at the begining because he was more looking like Jesus than the character of League of Legends. Finally, I solved all those problems and I'm finally done with this figure. I would have love to have real humans as models, it would have been much easier to work like that. I tried to ask one of my friend to dance with me to figure out the pose, but unfortunatly she's as bad as I am with dance, so we gave up.
There's a couple of flaws in the proportions and I have to work on it in the future, and I'm still not that good with painting but at the moment I'm gonna focus on how I can remove the residue of glue that I have on my fingers ( Few hours ago I was kinda like " Mooom' !!! I'm gonna lose my fingers, look at them, they're completly stick, I'm fucked, I will not be able to play to LoL !!! " )